The area

Sivota is a picturesque verdurous village on the sea, situated in the northern part of Thesprotia Prefecture, in an area of rare beauty and unique landscape. Sivota is the secret destination among the summer resorts of Epirus.

It is also a “low-profile” destination of the blue - green Ionian Sea, for visitors who are seeking different destinations than well known Greece. The scenery looks like part of a movie: representative Mediterranean landscape, green hills surrounding a captivating bay, verdurous little islands reminding Norwegian fjords, and blue water with touches of green.

The important ecosystem of Sivota offers shelter to many animal species and fish due to the particularity of the area: leathery, broad-leaved evergreen shrubs or small trees, (Mediterranean maquis), rocky islands, small bays, cliffs and beaches with sand and/or pebbles.

The village is built amphitheatrically above the bay. It is consisted of a green peninsula and three verdurous islands. The islands Mavro Oros, Agios Nikolaos and Mourtemeno create a small archipelago (islands of Sivota) with heavenly bays, crystal clear water and enchanting sea routes.  All the islands are accessible by boat, which you can rent at the pier (no licence for driving a boat is needed, since their engines are of small capacity).

The local habitants are polite and hospitable, they work in tourism business, agriculture and livestock - farming. The village has taken its name from the sea battle of the Corinthians and the habitants of Thesprotia against the habitants of Corfu in 433 BC during the Peloponnesian War, which took place in the small archipelago of Sivota.
During the ottoman occupation the village was named Mourtos and has been renamed Sivota at the end of 1950.
The harbour offers peaceful shelter to fishing boats, sailing boats and yachts.